A14 road workers uncover woolly mammoth and rhino remains

Extinct gibbon found in Chinese tomb a warning for the world These techniques could become a valuable tool in the conservation of rhino populations, according to the research published Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications. The northern white rhinoceros is the most endangered mammal in the world. Sudan, the northern white rhino’s last male — once called the “most eligible bachelor in the world” by the dating app Tinder — died in March. Recent efforts to repopulate the northern white rhino have been hamstrung by the fact that both Najin and Fatu are infertile, according to the study. However, scientists believed that assisted reproduction technologies used on equines could also be transferred to northern white rhinos as a way boosting their reproductive capacity, the study says. Using similar techniques, the scientists were able to fertilize southern white rhinoceros eggs taken from different females in European zoos with previously frozen northern white rhinoceros sperm, creating hybrid embryos. The procedure had never been attempted among northern and southern white rhinos, according to the study. The embryos have been frozen for possible implantation. Nonetheless, if successful, the goal is to create a population of hybrid rhinos — both southern white and northern white rhinos.

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Email File photo – Najin L and Fatu, the only two remaining northern white rhinos graze together in their paddock on March 20, at the ol-Pejeta conservancy in Nanyuki, north of capital Nairobi. Researchers from the U. The northern white rhino is teetering on the brink of extinction after decades of poaching for their horns. University of Cardiff and University of Venda scientists analyzed genetic samples from rhinos and discovered that, despite the populations of northern and southern white rhinos splitting over a million years ago, they have sometimes shared genes.

Researchers say that genes have typically been shared during cold and arid periods, as recently as 14, years ago, when African grasslands expanded.

A baby rhino spends up to three years in its mother’s care; it will probably never meet its father. [3] Conservationists began removing the horns from living rhinos, or “de-horning” them, in an attempt to deter poachers and save rhinos.

Richard Vigne, the conservancy’s chief executive officer, said: The year-old and his last two female companions are unable to breed naturally because of issues that include old age. Sudan’s profile told a bit of background information about the rhino, explaining that he’s the last male white rhino on Earth. And, when users swiped right and ‘Matched’ with the animal, they were directed toward a page where they could make a donation. An animal reserve in the Netherlands is having apes respond to images of their fellow creatures on a tablet, a programme dubbed ‘Tinder for orangutans’ by the Dutch press.

But, tablet screens aren’t yet strong enough to withstand a swipe from an orangutan, and even those reinforced with a steel frame have met an untimely end. To better understand their emotions, orangutans and bonobos at the Apenheul Primate Park near the central town of Apeldoorn are shown pictures of other apes, and researchers evaluate their responses – from neutral to aggressive, the park said. By showing the orangutans the images first, it’s hoped that they can determine which potential suitor they may take a liking to before expending the effort to attempt to breed them.

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A South African protester calls for an end to the poaching of rhinos in a file photo. AFP North Korean traders working in China have approached Chinese businessmen in recent days to offer rhinoceros horn, a valuable commodity now banned for sale around the world, in a bid to raise much-needed cash for the sanctions-hit country, a local source says. Aware that trafficking in rhino horns is now forbidden by international treaty, the North Koreans approached their potential buyer in secret and stressed the value of the horns as a component in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, the source said.

Many cases unreported North Korean diplomats have been caught smuggling rhinoceros horns from southern Africa in several instances during the past three decades, according to a report released last year by a civil society organization that exposes transnational organized crime. North Korean missions in southern Africa have been involved in the trade in endangered species, especially in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, to generate income for embassies that must be self-financing and to make financial contributions to the central government in Pyongyang, according to the report.

Using different dating methods on various materials found at the site, including the rhino’s tooth and quartz grains from sediment, researchers put their best estimate for when the animal died.

Burns Woolly Mammoths Remains: By Sue Bishop Since Ted Holden has repeatedly insisted that the mammoth whose remains were found in Siberia in was preserved by some great catastrophe as described in Velikovsky’s books, I decided to research the topic. I found several books on the subject, including the original book written by one of the scientists who actually examined, preserved and transported the mammoth remains from Siberia.

Preservation of the mammoth remains was somewhat different than has been imagined by the uninformed. The mammoths were ‘mummified’, a process that is quite easily done in a cold environment. Guthrie compares it to the process that packaged meat undergoes in a freezer. Some have objected to this usage on the basis that preservation by freezing is unlike ‘real’ mummification of an embalmed or dried corpse.

However, frozen carcasses, like Dima and Blue Babe, two well preserved carcasses described in his book, Dima is a baby mammoth, Blue Babe is a bison are indeed desiccated and fully deserve to be called mummies. I have often freeze-dried items, sometimes inadvertently, during our long Alaskan winters, where the temperature seldom rises above freezing for eight months of the year. Moisture contained in a buried carcass is not released to the atmosphere but is crystallized in place, in ice lenses around the mummy.

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Prehistorical range[ edit ] As with many other components of the African large mammal fauna, black rhinos probably had a wider range in the northern part of the continent in prehistoric times than today. However this seems to have not been as extensive as that of the white rhino. Unquestionable fossil remains have not yet been found in this area and the abundant petroglyphs found across the Sahara desert are often too schematic to unambiguously decide whether they depict black or white rhinos.

Petroglyphs from the Eastern Desert of southeastern Egypt relatively convincingly show the occurrence of black rhinos in these areas in prehistoric times. Its occurrence further to the west is questionable, though often purported to in literature. The remaining populations are highly scattered.

Mar 25,  · Watch video · There’s a melancholy around the grounds, said Richard Vigne, head of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, but even after Sudan is buried at the conservancy, Vigne insists the rhino won’t be forgotten.

If you respect them, they will respect you. During the annual flood season, mokoro is the only mode of transport for many locals. The wonder women of Botswana safaris Galaxy knows each and every single one. He also partakes in the annual mokoro race, which takes place on 20 October each year and aims to integrate cultural tourism — sharing traditional transportation, art, entertainment and games — with the more popular wildlife tourism.

And so they should be. Despite numerous and rigorous anti-poaching projects, no country on the continent — not even South Africa or Kenya, which are forward-thinking in conservation — has managed to shake poaching.

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But in this case the rhino — which had been dehorned to protect it from poachers — has lost the one deadly weapon that would have seen it fend off the jaws of the attacking hippo. The footage from South Africa shows an intense stand-off between a hippo and a rhino Unable to gore the hippo with its missing horn, the rhino is forced to give ground and it is literally bulldozed backward into the water and rolled over onto its back by its attacker.

The hippo ,having taught the interloper a lesson, backs off but tragically the rhino is unable to right itself in the glutinous mud and thrashes helplessly in the water until it drowns.

FILE In this Monday Dec. 21, file photo, Sudan, a northern white rhino, arrives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. There’s just one male northern white rhino left in the world, and he’s getting some help from the Tinder dating app.

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He said that the award was a great chance to bring to light the issues facing the environment at the hands of humans. Photo gallery Wildlife Photographer of the Year – “Honestly I think we’re in denial about what is happening with animals. The bottom line is that by winning this, your word gets exposure,” he said. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. It’s necessary to show an image of suffering as part of this story. If you’re not doing that you’re not conveying that story,” he said. I really feel for all the guys who work in this field trying to keep these animals alive. It’s not a good time for them and they’re working harder than ever.

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