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The SCTE has always been a forum where new ideas and discoveries, related to the solid state chemistry and solid state physics of d- and f-element compounds are presented and discussed. The conference will deal with the structure, crystal chemistry, chemical bonding, and magnetic, and electronic transport properties of different classes of intermetallic compounds. Hydrides, borides, carbides, silicides and homologues, pnictides, as well as chalcogenides, oxides and halides especially those of low oxidation state exhibiting metal or semimetal properties will also be covered. Fundamental and applied research in the areas of solid state chemistry, physics and materials science of compounds containing d- and f-elements will be included. Presentations will consist of plenary talks, invited talks, contributed talks and poster sessions. Conference Site Vienna is the capital city of Austria and has been founded by the Romans more than years ago. It contains numerous historic sites and buildings but modern architecture sets various counterpoints. Vienna is famous for its culture.

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Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics [12] Slovenes and Graz[ edit ] Politically, culturally, scientifically and religiously, Graz was an important centre for all Slovenes , especially from the establishment of the University of Graz in until the establishment of University of Ljubljana in Slovenes are among the professors at the Institute for Jazz in Graz. Numerous Slovenes have found employment there, while being formally unemployed in Slovenia.

Known for its waltzes and sweets, Vienna was the center of the Hapsburg empire and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. After World War I, it became the capital of Austria and, from until , served as the provincial capital of the German Reich.

Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz Share: To the east of St. Veit, on a crag rising some meters above the valley, sprawls the imposing Burg Hochosterwitz, Austria’s most important medieval castle. The steep access road to the castle, the Burgweg, winds its way up through the 14 defensive gates to the beautiful arcaded courtyard where you’ll find the little chapel with its wall and ceiling paintings from and the church at the southwestern end of the castle with its high altar dating from The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse from Bruck, in the Pinzgau, to Heiligenblut, at the foot of the Grossglockner, was constructed between and Following the route of an old Roman road, it is one of the most magnificent mountain roads in Europe.

Although its importance as a route through the Alps has declined, it’s still a splendid highway through the Hohe Tauern, Austria’s highest mountain massif and one of the country’s outstanding attractions. Running for 22 kilometers through the mountains at an altitude of more than 2, meters, the road consists of a long succession of turns leading up to the summit tunnel on the Hochtor at 2, meters and then down into the valley on the far side.

Named after a visit paid by Kaiser Franz-Josef in , this wonderful vantage point stands 2, meters above sea level and offers incredible vistas of the surrounding country.

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Austria-Hungary, often referred to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the Dual Monarchy in English-language sources, was a constitutional union of the Austrian Empire (the Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council, or Cisleithania) and the Kingdom of Hungary (Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen or Transleithania) that existed from to , when it self-dissolved at the end of.

Read on to discover all the details of this World Heritage site. Or get a flavor of the place with this interactive map. The site itself was a hunting park and lodge well before that, but suffered at the hands of Turkish invaders in That was the kind of thing homeowners had to contend with back then. Extensive refurbishment and renovation in recent years means it now meets the demands of a modern zoo. The gardens The large park and gardens are kept in immaculate condition by the Federal authorities and extend to over a square kilometer of tree-lined avenues, lawns, woods and flowerbeds.

Hidden away within the grounds are various architectural delights, such as lakes and fountains, fake ruins, statues, the Japanese garden , and greenhouses.

Beauty and the Abyss.

Contacts Early History Jews have a mixed history with Vienna, ranging from prosperity to persecution. The Judenplatz in the center of Vienna was the site of one of the largest synagogues in Europe. Jews comprised about five percent of the city’s population during the 14th century. In , however, Duke Albrecht V expelled the Jews from Vienna, confiscated their property, and destroyed their synagogue its stones were used to build the University of Vienna.

In , Jews were allowed to return and were given special protection from the Hapsburg Emperors. A second round of Jewish immigrants came to Vienna from the Ukraine, fleeing pogroms and persecution.

Known for its waltzes and sweets, Vienna was the center of the Hapsburg empire and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. After World War I, it became the capital of Austria and, from until , served as the provincial capital of the German Reich.

Search 25 Best Places to Visit in Austria Home to lavish baroque buildings and the soaring mountains of the Alps, Austria is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the endless opportunities to hike in the summer and ski in the winter, while foodies can indulge in strudels, schnitzels, and the world-famous coffee culture.

Visitors can also take in a performance at one of the country’s lavish concert halls, soak in soothing thermal spas, or visit the tranquil vineyards and sample world-class wine. There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Austria, but here are the places we think everyone should visit. However, its majestic baroque architecture, lively cultural scene, and cozy coffee-house culture ensure that it more than lives up to anyone’s expectations.

It’s also worth making time to take in a live music performance; sometimes called the City of Music, Vienna has something to offer people of every age and musical inclination. Thanks to its history, the city also has a wonderful arts and music scene; it hosts approximately 4, cultural events every year, including the highly acclaimed Salzburg Festspiele. The area has a long history of hosting winter sports competitions and is renowned for its ski resorts, which draw throngs of visitors during the colder months.

There’s plenty to do during the summer as well; visitors can hike through stunning alpine meadows or take the cable car up the Nordkette mountain range. It’s worth spending some time in the town itself as well; the late-medieval old town boasts beautiful architecture as well as plenty of coffee shops and restaurants. Believed by some to have miraculous healing properties, the thermal waters can be enjoyed at many of the town’s spas and resorts.

Belvedere Palace Museum, Vienna: Hours, Address, Belvedere Palace Museum Reviews: 4.5/5

Beyond the visual arts, Austria’s many museums house massive natural history collections and fascinating portals to the past. Whether you’re in the country for a few days or a few months, here are seven museums you won’t want to miss: Other collection highlights include antiquities, coins and historic musical instruments. If you can’t visit Vienna, you can still view some of the Kunsthistorisches Museum’s best works:

The Petersfriedhof, or St. Peter’s Cemetery, is the oldest Christian graveyard in Salzburg, dating back to It is a worthy attraction in itself, but many visitors come here to see the place where the Von Trapp family hid out in The Sound of Music.

Peter’s Cemetery and Catacombs, Salzburg St. Peter’s Cemetery, is the oldest Christian graveyard in Salzburg , dating back to It is a worthy attraction in itself, but many visitors come here to see the place where the Von Trapp family hid out in The Sound of Music. Many of the aristocratic families of Salzburg lie buried here, along with many other notable figures.

The graves are lovingly tended by Salzburg families, decorated with candles, fir branches, and flowers. Pansies are the most popular flower, because their name means “thoughts. And Crypt LIV, by the catacombs, contains the remains of Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, an exceptionally gifted musician herself. The same crypt has the body of Joseph Haydn’s younger brother, Michael his head is in an urn stored in St. The cemetery includes two notable chapels:

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Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US.

The sights of Vienna will delight you. On you will find out which sights in Vienna are not to be missed.

Here are the best places of Jewish Vienna to visit. The inhabitants of Leopoldstadt were almost completely extinguished during the Nazi Regime. In recent years, Jewish life has grown more vibrant around the synagogue and popular Karmelitermarkt. The area between Karmelitermarkt and Karmelitersquare is the best place to find kosher restaurants and shops. Bahur Tov, Taborstrasse 19; Novellino, Zirkusgasse The synagogue dates from the late 18th century, burned out during the Nazi Pogrom night in , and was bombed in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

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The Alhambra, Granada 1. This UNESCO palace and gardens built in AD — thought to be the closest to paradise when they were converted to a palace from a fort in the 14th century — are the most exquisite examples of Muslim architecture in Europe. The city also has a beautiful Cathedral surrounded by relaxed squares with terraces full of tapas — Granada is famous for it! For something a little more spooky then check out the Catacombs — the 18th century labyrinth which is the last resting place of over 6 million Parisians.

If Hemingway and Picasso are more your thing, then check out the Boho neighborhood of St Germain-des-Pres and hunt down their famous haunts.

Jewish Vienna: Insider guide where to see Jewish sites and memorials in Wien, and best walks and guided tours, small group and private.

By now, almost any self-respecting art institution has digitized some part of its collection. However, the design of the typical “virtual museum” frequently fails to rise above the level of a database intended more for administrative purposes. The artworks are often shown at low resolution if not in thumbnail format, precluding any meaningful experience on the part of internet navigators. Some museums have attempted to reach a wider audience by including custom-made content via some innovative presentation form.

What is certain is that digitalization, which can no longer be postponed, raises existential questions for art institutions. How will the elevated costs of digitalization be recovered? Why go to a museum if you can enjoy the same artworks at your leisure on the nearest computer monitor?

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