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It is the site of one of the world’s most fascinating archaeological discoveries, and is soon to be home to China’s new Great Relic Museum. HASSELL was the project landscape architect and designed the museum’s gateway plaza and surrounding parkland connections for the Nanjing Tangshan Construction Investment and Development Company, following an international landscape design competition. Commenting on the project the architects, Studio Odile Decq said: The continuity between the landscape and the museum creates a sequential museology space that runs through the many layers of the project. The museum is dedicated to both geology and anthropology and provides diverse means to discover these exhibits, depending on the time and interest of the visitor. The geopark’s generous new public realm will unify the museum with the various attractions spread across its hectares of open space to create an enlightening new tourist destination. The overall look of the plaza echoes the site’s contour lines, which shift like geological activity. It optimises the existing topography to establish clear and seamless patterns of movement between all functions, integrating with the surrounding transport infrastructure and regional parkland.

Book review: The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of the New China

Five hot spring resorts near Shanghai Make the perfect weekend getaway to one of these nearby hot spring resorts Posted: Tuesday December 2 , Updated: Getting there There are two high-speed trains a day to Huzhou leaving Hongqiao station at 7.

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View Gallery The 5-minute Nanjing travel guide Learn the ins and outs of this rapidly-growing city in the time it takes to have a cup of tea The trick of visiting Nanjing is finding a balance between ancient relics and soaring skyscrapers. Accommodation Nanjing provides a good deal of high-end accommodation as well as budget stays. The story property has served as the temporary home for many Chinese and foreign government officials during their visits to the city.

Certain branches, however only take local guests. Both are in the city center. Food It is hard to leave Nanjing without a growing waistline! Both back-alley stalls and elegant restaurants serve a smorgasbord of traditional Chinese snacks. The fowl is first cooked in brine till tender, hung to dry for three days and then served as chops.

Nanjing is said to be the hometown of the celebrated Peking Duck. The Ming Dynasty brought the dish northward while moving the capital from here to Beijing in Tipping is not common practice in Nanjing. Attractions Nanjing was the capital of 10 Chinese dynasties, including Ming capital from and the Republic of China capital from Historical sites are key for tourism.


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The Theme Activities of “Dating during the World Horticultural Exposition, Finding a Beautiful and New Tangshan” to be held during the Eighteenth Session of Ceramics Fair () New Zealand Delegation Visited Tangshan ().

The major attractions within the wider park include the Hulu Caves, where homo erectus fossils dating back 0. It optimises the existing topography to establish clear and seamless patterns of movement between all functions, integrating with the surrounding transport infrastructure and regional parkland. The arrival plaza and memory tower provide a gathering point, marking the start of each journey. From this space, visitors can take their own expedition to the museum, weaving through the feature gardens and along the climbing pathways that are embedded with carvings depicting the evolution of prehistoric life.

The feature gardens are inspired by the environmental characteristics of each period of the Paleozoic era. The parkland design regenerates native vegetation and creates micro-ecosystems that will foster the local habitat. A cleansing, bio-retention waterway will treat site run-off to support the health of natural environment and the sustainable operation of the park.

The museum plaza, the first phase of the major landscape works, is now complete. Construction of the wider parkland will be completed in

Chinese Porcelain Marks

Prehistory Archaeology in China The practice of archaeology in China has been rooted in modern Chinese history. The intellectual and political reformers of the s challenged the historicity of the legendary inventors of Chinese culture, such as Shennong , the Divine Farmer, and Huangdi , the Yellow Emperor. At the same time, scientific study of the prehistoric period was being sponsored by Western archaeologists and paleoanthropologists.

The establishment of the Academia Sinica Chinese Academy of Sciences in enabled Chinese scholars to study Chinese archaeology for themselves, and preparations were made for large-scale excavations. Notable work was done under the direction of archaeologist Li Ch i Li Ji at Anyang, in Henan province, but this was suspended with the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in The civil war of the late s and the subsequent social disruptions further delayed any resumption of systematic archaeological excavation and publication.

Chengde, lying in the northeast of Hebei Province, is close to Beijing, about kilometers ( miles) away, Tianjin, Tangshan and Qinhuangdao. The topography of this city is mainly divided into plateau and mountainous regions, including Yanshan, Yinshan and Qilaotushan mountains, as well as the.

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A recent finding in the dating of Chinese hominid fossils has challenged the prevailing “out-of-Africa” theory regarding the origin of modern man. With a new dating method, scientists determined.

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Northern China’s Hebei province home to six of 10 smoggiest cities, environment ministry says

It stretches well beyond the Great Wall into the northern Mongolia plateau down to one of the Yellow River ‘s ancient channels to the sea in the South. It is from its position north of the Yellow River Huang He that it gets its name. It slopes from high mountains in the north-west down to the fertile alluvial plain in the south-east.

It has been part of China from earliest times, at least as long ago as the Shang dynasty.

The Energy Storage China is an international trade fair with accompanying congress on the collection and storage of renewable energy, which is an issue that moves scientists and politicians worldwide.

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In China, there are many common morphological features among Pleistocene human fossil skulls. These features and the morphological mosaic between Homo sapiens erectus and Homo sapiens sapiens of China indicate the continuity of human evolution in this region. There are a few skulls possessing one or two features that suggest gene flow from the West to China.

Based on the evidence of continuity and gene flow, a new hypothesis, Continuity with Hybridization, was proposed in for characterizing human evolution in China. This hypothesis is also supported by the Paleolithic archaeological record of China. There are serious problems with the ROAH.

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We present the first U-series dated oxygen-carbon isotope record for a speleothem from Tangshan Cave, east China, which demonstrates unambiguously that abrupt deglacial climatic oscillations from 16, to 10, years BP are synchronous with those found in Greenland ice core records. Our results suggest that the amount of monsoonal rainfall changes rapidly in parallel with deglacial temperature changes in the north Atlantic region, which is consistent with long-term histories of monsoon moisture documented using the loess, lake and marine sediment records in China.

East Asian monsoon circulation is controlled by seasonal changes in the land-sea thermal gradient between the East Asian continent and the Pacific Ocean. In contrast, the summer monsoon weakens because of the reduced sea-land thermal gradient, coupled with reduced sea-surface temperature and moisture level above the western Pacific. During interglacial or interstadial periods, changes in the monsoon system tend to be the reverse.

Thus changes in air temperature in the north Atlantic appear to be capable of reorganising the large-scale atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere with profound implications for monsoonal rainfall in East Asia. The Tangshan speleothem records provide the first unambiguous evidence for synchronised, abrupt climatic changes in the North Atlantic and East Asia regions. Such rapid hemispheric synchronicity strongly supports the role of atmospheric teleconnections in controlling global climate change during the last glaciation.

Hebei Province

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Ancient “Earthquake Machine” Found In China