A firefighter did a Reddit AMA after the London tower fire and it was everything

Pixabay Life is precarious, and nothing makes you appreciate that fact quite like a Reddit-generated list of potential death traps. The puke will blow out of the exhaust valve with your bubbles. We did a discovery dive and were not taught about this. Thankfully we were only a few feet down. What else can we be afraid of? Fires and Burns One of the biggest tips for fires is a very simple act: Make sure you have a smoke alarm in your room if you sleep with the door closed though, and that your alarms are interconnected such that if one triggers, all of them set off.

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Leave a Comment The Red Sofa The email attachment downloaded slowly and the first photo finally opened up in full screen. My eyes were immediately drawn front and center to the remains of what had once been my beautiful, red leather sofa. That sofa had been my first solo purchase after leaving my beige husband of 20 years and had symbolized freedom to me. Bits of red, no longer bright, were still visible amidst the soot and smoke surrounded by water saturated split open boxes, the contents spilling out everywhere.

 · Game Grumps is a Let’s Play web series hosted on the Game Grumps channel. The idea for Game Grumps proper came from an argument between Arin and Jon, who were having a debate about the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl and whether or not (series).

She now faces a tough choice; either continue to back the CFA and either resign or be sacked, or fall into line with whatever decision the Premier and the government make. Allies close to Ms Garrett said that she would be “part of a solution that all parties can live with”. Mr Roe’s ruling stated: Angela Wylie Mr Marshall called on the CFA, volunteers and the opposition to end the scare campaign, especially regarding one of the most controversial recommendations — one heavily resisted by the CFA — a rule requiring seven paid firefighters be dispatched to any incident.

Among the chief worries are provisions it says would diminish the ability of the Chief Officer to allocate and deploy resources, give the union too much say in decisions and reduce the work of volunteers. Mr Mullens said he hoped CFA volunteers would not resign over the new agreement. Mr Mullens said he would encourage people to join the CFA regardless of the outcome of the EBA but said he could understand if volunteers were disillusioned about recent events.

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Evanson created a committee to further support archiving history of the department. The committee evolved into a formal organization. The Society was initially named “Olde 23s” because of the expectation that the group would restore old Fire Station 23 and move in to the facility.

REPUBLIC, Mo. — A Missouri man has been charged with lighting his own home on fire, grabbing a rifle and waiting outside because he was upset that his ex-wife was dating a firefighter.

February 4, at 7: Married an amazing guy, pregnant on honeymoon, bought beautiful home, had daughter. Our Daughter was 9 months when i finally left. Intoxicated people with borderline personality disorders like narcissism and histrionic BPD are loud aggressive have no muscle control or accountability do their actions, manifest false realities to protect themselves from judgment and act like they are victims.

Then the purchasing began.. Ceiling fans, humidifiers, an apple computer, an iPad, an ITouch, gadgets for his truck, floor fans, remote control cars and helicopters and drugs. The final straw was the night when he pulled a gun on himself and locked me out of our bedroom leaving me to think he was going to kill himself so after 20 minutes of demolishing our beautiful master bedroom, I kicked the door down.

Which the bi was deemed insane by him and his family after hearing his side of the story. The next day he promised to go to the ER or else I would leave with my daughter and cats and that was the last inwas willing to deal with this abuse and harmful behavior infront of our child. He even threw a handful of rocks at a car at one point and ran off who knows where. They came out and I packed with very scared mixed feelings leaving much of my things there because I had to fit my daughter and 3 cats in a crossover and as many of our belongings I could shove in anywhere possible.

Which I never even had access to. I got full decision making rights and legal custody while after his paych eval was stuck with supervised visitations, he feels are completely rediculous. But is responsible to have her the first week of every month, this was his request after not being willing to sign otherwise.

California wildfire kills 2 children, great-grandmother

And this afternoon they determined that Taylor Murphy is guilty of assaulting Claudia Charriez, as well as criminal contempt and violating an order of protection. On the plus side for Murphy, the jury acquitted him of felony strangulation. Prosecutors said that Charriez’s work as an escort enraged Murphy, who was also upset that she got an STD.

Charriez, who is no longer dating Murphy, had given dramatic testimony, from insisting that she still loves him and how she was “was castrated” “at a very young age. From the Daily News: He’s the love of my life,” said Batista, who wore a conservative black blazer and knee-length skirt, striped blouse, and a huge silver pendant dangling from her neck

On Saturday, Sept. 30, , at Engine 55, a trial firefighter (probationary employee) engaged in unsatisfactory work behavior which was deemed offensive and racially insensitive to members of the.

We spoke with a few members from departments around the country to see what goes on behind the action. According to a study conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, newer homes burn eight times faster than those built between and One contributing factor is the increased popularity of open floor plans. Consider that before tearing down the wall between your kitchen and your living room.

These substances burn fast , and they also produce an especially dangerous smoke. He’s currently working as a volunteer firefighter in his community and as an EMT for another department.

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London firefighters are undoubtedly the unsung heroes who worked relentlessly to tackle the massive fire at the Grenfell Tower in West London and rescue people from the building. SEE ALSO: Firefighter’s tweet goes viral in the wake of the London tower fire While many praised them for their inhuman.

Development[ edit ] Partially cleared storm damage, Chelmsford On the Sunday before the storm struck, the farmers’ forecast had predicted bad weather on the following Thursday or Friday, 15—16 October. Instead of stormy weather over a considerable part of the UK, the models suggested that severe weather would reach no farther north than the English Channel and coastal parts of southern England.

The pressure gradient was slack. A depression was drifting slowly northwards over the North Sea off eastern Scotland. A trough lay over England, Wales and Ireland. Over the Bay of Biscay , a depression was developing. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


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 · Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk Next Up Princess Diana: Her Last Words Before Dying Revealed By Firefighter Who Tried To Save Her. Search for: it’s not clear if they’re dating  › News › Celebrity News › Halsey › G-Eazy.

By Holly Brewer , In Dating Dating a police officer means dating a responsible member of the community who has made it their living to protect the rights and safety of their fellow man and woman, and this is of course something that can be a great source of pride. At the same time it means having a partner who is passionate about what they do, and who is bringing home a good salary with a good pension plan. Dating a police officer can be stressful and at times scary even, and there are a few issues you need to consider and work through.

Here we will look at what those are, and briefly discuss them so that you can decide whether they are likely to cause a problem and how you can overcome them. However if they are out patrolling the streets or even directing traffic this can be a different story and if you are the kind of person who is prone to worrying then this can mean that you are left at home worrying about whether they are going to make it back okay or not.

If you do worry a lot and their job is dangerous then you need to discuss this with them so that they might put your mind at rest. You might also want to consider getting them to change their job within the police force, though in many cases their job will be important to them and this might not be a sacrifice they are willing to make.

Judge Denies Bail For Retired Firefighter Accused Of Murder

It operated for just four months before it was destroyed by fire. Two days later a burglary was reported. It was damaged by fire on July 25, More on that fire below.

 · “You know, you should really try dating more than one person,” Andrew said as he drove me home. We’d just had pizza at his place and sort of watched a movie while making out on the ://

Bledsoe’s two children, James Roberts, 5, and Emily Roberts, 4, were stranded with her grandmother Melody Bledsoe, 70, when walls of flames swept through the family’s rural property Thursday on the outskirts of Redding. They were among more than a dozen people reported missing after the furious wind-driven blaze took residents by surprise and leveled several neighborhoods. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said he expects to find several of those people alive and just out of touch with loved ones.

Officers have gone to homes of several people reported missing and found cars gone — a strong indication they fled. The fire sparked Monday by a vehicle in forested hills grew to square miles. It pushed southwest of Redding, the largest city in the region, toward the tiny communities of Ono, Igo and Gas Point, where scorching heat, winds and bone-dry conditions complicated firefighting efforts. It’s now the largest fire burning in California.

The winds that aided firefighters in keeping the flames from more populated areas were propelling at a frightening rate in unpredictable directions. It’s burning as if it’s got strong wind on it even when there’s no wind. Getty Two firefighters were killed in the blaze, including a bulldozer operator who was helping clear vegetation in the wildfire’s path. Redding fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke was also killed, but details of his death were not released. About 38, people were under evacuation orders, 5, homes were threatened and the fire was just 5 percent contained.

The latest tally of destroyed structures was sure to rise.

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LinkedIn Just a few weeks before winning the election that would make him premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dwight Ball looked at a photo released by police of a murder suspect and saw a startling detail. The suspect appeared to be wearing a black windbreaker that Ball had once owned, until it was taken by a man his daughter was dating. Ball was then leader of the Official Opposition and preparing for the biggest political moment of his life. Earlier this month, Phillips, 29, was convicted of second-degree murder and will be sentenced in February.

It all centres around a St.

Two firefighters were killed in the blaze, including a bulldozer operator who was helping clear vegetation in the wildfire’s path. He was identified Saturday as Don Ray Smith, 81, of Pollock Pines.

Court documents show George Cromwell of Dartmouth, N. After extracting a body from a fatal car wreck in the late s, the statement of claim reads, his captain asked him to apply to a newly created rescue unit within the King Street Station in downtown Dartmouth, where he worked at the time. He was later forced to transfer to another station in Halifax, the documents said.

In another incident at the King Street Station, Cromwell wrote he returned from a vacation with a large moustache and was told by his captain that he could keep it as long as he was able to put his mask on properly to ensure safety. Cromwell said the captain was satisfied that he could. Cromwell also outlined instances where he believes his life and the lives of his coworkers were put at risk, alleging his superiors once sent them inside a burning building without adequate support.

He wrote he made numerous complaints to the city over the years. None of these allegations have been proven in court and Cromwell could not be reached for comment. Last December, firefighter Liane Tessier recieved an official apology from Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency chief Ken Stuebing, after she said her concerns about systemic gender discrimination within the department were ignored by the municipality for over a decade.

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Photo by Bill Gabbert. Originally published at 6: MT, February 6, What is in the air that firefighters breathe?

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Don’t Play Debate debacle The energy debate has turned juvenile with barbs thrown and insults hurled, particularly during question time. Sort posts by 5: My thanks to Andrew Meares and Alex Ellinghausen for their brilliant work and to you for reading and commenting. Alex, Andrew and I will be back in the morning. We hope to see you then.

Mr Frydenberg says while some people in NSW have experienced small rises others have seen their bills go down. Back to top 2:

If I’m dating a firefighter, I’mma be playin’ with HIS…